Onze verschillende leidingsystemen


The name of the product line is more than just a slogan

The ingenious constructional principle of simplyAIR makes mounting
very simple

  • The new simplyAIR air pipe system is very simple and easy to mount
  • Made possible by the newly-developped technology that is far superior to other fastening systems
  • You will safe a lot of time and money
  • Compressed air can be drawn off anywhere you want
  • This permits modifications to be made quickly and without any problem. They can be done without having to shut down the system or interrupting operation. Thus, a decision in favour of simplyAIR is a decision with a future.
  • The heart of this innovative pipe system is a light rectangular pipe made from extruded aluminium. It is corrosion-resistant and especially aerodynamic
  • Aluminium compbines all advantages of conventional materials like steel, plastics or copper, yet avoids their drawbacks such as rough surface structure, sagging pipes and corrosion etc.

A complete system in different sizes 40, 50, 60 and 80 mm
Suitable joints, reduction plates, outletplates and fixations


Aluminium piping system Ø 15 – 28 mm for compressed air

For independent operators or smaller scale industry with air consumption up to 2.000 l/min. Ideal addition to the simplyAIR system for stub lines and branch lines.

Your benefit from the key advantages of our intelligent aluminium piping system:

  • Extremely simple fast assembly
  • Aluminium is lightweight, corrosion-resistant and highly beneficial to the air flow
  • Air outlets are possible at any point without interrupting operation
  • Complete system in various sizes, all elements perfectly coordinated with each other
  • Fast modular installation
  • Lines can be laid by simply inserting the pipes
  • Fast assembly and dismantling without using special tools
  • Large selection of connectors and accessory parts enables optimum adaptation of piping system to existing workshop layout

Design data for air pipes

Chose the diameter for the installation

The right dimensioning of an air pipe is very important: A pressure decrease from 6 bar to 5 bar reduces the power of the machines and tools by up to 25%. If the final compression pressure is increased by 1 bar to compensate for decrease in pressure, costs for operating power increase by 10%.

Pressure decrease 0,1 bar on operating pressure 7 bar. The diagram below allows to determinate the diameter of the main line. By ring line halve the flow rate and the distance.